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Hail Damage

Automotive Hail Catastrophe Repair

lighting storm producing hail

We Are A LOCAL Company in Northeast Ohio

Dents Vanish technicians take pride in performing a growing technique called Paintless Dent Repair or "PDR". The technician uses specially designed tools "Hail Rods" to expertly massage each dent back to a pre-damage condition. It's that simple! The metal is back to its original condition without having to grind the paint off, fill the dent with plastic body filler, aka "Bondo", and then re-paint the panel. The dent NEVER comes back and your vehicle is left with its factory paint job.

Dents Vanish is an automotive hail catastrophe repair expert.
Dents Vanish specializes in high quality no-paint repairs without the use of body filler and the best part, NO RE-PAINTING YOUR VEHICLE!

We work with all insurance companies to quickly and correctly repair your vehicle to pre-damage condition in hours to days not weeks!. Dents Vanish offers free mobile estimates right to your door and a LIFETIME GUARANTEE of all repairs!

vehicle roof with dents circled in orange vehicle roof with dents circled in orange truck bedside with hail dents circled in orange


1. A Dents Vanish professional will perform a thorough damage inspection at your home, place of work or at our drive in shop.

2. Dents Vanish can handle all of the insurance leg work for you!

3. We schedule your vehicle in to our facility, we'll even pick up your car for you!

4. Dents Vanish completes a paintless dent repair in hours to days (usually within 24 hrs.)

5. We partner with local insurance acclaimed body shops to complete any repairs not able to be completely done using PDR.

6. Your vehicle is completed, returned to you!